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Buying a new car always is an exciting time, and you deserve the right financing options, regardless of your current credit. Land Rover South Atlanta is proud to offer the opportunity for buyers to apply for an auto loan whether they have good credit or bad credit. Every buyer is treated with the same level of courtesy and respect. To receive the best financing possible, our dealership has an array of lenders who are willing to assist us in getting your auto loan approved.

Is Financing a Car a Good Idea?

Making the choice to finance a car is more than just about the affordability of convenient monthly payments, you're making an investment that ultimately becomes an asset. There are great benefits to financing a car, which includes building your credit. The auto loan becomes a good mix within your credit profile. As you continue to make payments on time, your credit rating becomes stronger, and that is one of the best assets you could ever invest in. Sure, you're going to pay an appropriate amount of interest during the course of the financing, but that cost becomes priceless when your credit profile extends your potential financing options for other things in your life, such as buying a home or even starting a small business. It's the same strategy used by well-known businesses when they want to expand. Typically, they use banks to finance ventures, rather than cash.

An auto loan that is handled properly enables potential future creditors to extend credit to you and many times you're solicited for credit options that are preferred products, such as low-interest credit cards, personal loans, and debt consolidation loans. Most people are not in the position to buy a car with cash and financing is the means to help you obtain the luxuries of life. Another asset that car financing produces is the car itself, once its paid in full. If you've ever made the final payment on an auto loan, then you know how fulfilling it can be. If you haven't had the pleasure of the experience yet, be prepared for a joyful moment and be sure to celebrate it!

Is There a Minimum Credit Score to Finance a Car?

Naturally, the best possible credit score is going to be ideal for any lender; however, a lender also looks at all factors within a credit application. Often times, when a person has a credit score that is less than desirable, all it takes is an opportunity for the applicant to explain certain situations or be open to alternative financing options. Additionally, a low credit score can be offset by a larger down payment or choosing a car that has a significant amount of equity. Other factors that a lender will take into account will be job stability, home ownership, and income. Although there is never a guarantee of approval, even with a person who has a high credit score, the stronger those factors are, the greater the chances are for lenders to approve the auto financing you need.

Land Rover South Atlanta is willing to not only work with applicants who have low credit scores but also provide face to face interaction for understanding personal situations. We're more than willing to provide you with lending options that we believe are the best auto financing options for your needs! Visit our Land Rover dealership located near the Atlanta airport. We are proud to be the only Land Rover dealer serving South Atlanta.

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