2021 Range Rover Evoque vs 2021 Lexus NX

2021 Range Rover Evoque vs 2021 Lexus NX
2021 Range Rover Evoque 2021 Lexus NX
  246 hp 235 hp
Infotainment Display
  10.0-in. touchscreen 8.0-in. display
Ground Clearance
  8.3 in. 6.9 in.

2021 Range Rover Evoque vs 2021 Lexus NX

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The 2021 Evoque delivers the full Range Rover experience in a subcompact crossover body style. Because of the premium features of the Evoque, this stunning model is priced slightly above the larger Lexus NX. The 2021 NX is classified as a compact crossover. With these significant factors in mind, what are the other differences you need to learn about before purchasing your next crossover?


The 2021 Range Rover Evoque expresses confidence and capability from end to end. It has a boxy shape with angled, flat surfaces that the Range Rover family is known for. Simultaneously, its smooth, sultry surfaces are accented by robust definition over the hood and an angled crease that trends across most side panels. With skid plates and edgy styling for the headlights and taillights, the Evoque makes a bold impression. The 2021 Lexus NX, on the other hand, has a curvier profile with minimal definition over the hood and sides. The nose is pointed, and this is emphasized by the bolt-like headlights and the hourglass-shaped grille.


The beautiful style of the 2021 Evoque continues throughout the decadent interior. Chrome and glossy black accents are combined with high-grade leather to set the tone. The Pivi Pro system introduces artificial intelligence to the cabin. The stacked display screens with touch functionality are angled perfectly for easy access. In the Lexus NX for 2021, the dashboard has an angled ledge that creates multiple angles through the center stack and console. This zagging look is combined with a floating display screen, a gear shifter knob, and other expected features.


The Evoque is available with a 246-horsepower, I-4 engine across every trim level in 2021. On the other hand, the Lexus NX has a 235-horsepower I-4 engine in its lower trim levels. A hybrid powertrain is available at a premium price.

Land Rover South Atlanta carries an incredible selection of smaller and larger crossovers. You can easily explore the Evoque and compare it to our other models when you stop by the dealership.